Race to100K

The race to 100k is on,

   name              total   6hrs update

04 Jeff             99,624           +26
05 allen            96,175          +177
06 HairyMonster     95,570           +71
07 Mulda            95,502          +211
08 step2000         90,741          +122

who will get there 1st, :thumbsup:

my monies on Mulda.


:chuckle: I think I would say Mulda :nod:

Cool though, we could be celebrating a few going over the line at the same time :woot:


Mine’s on Jeff :nod:

Even if he doesn’t move some of his Xeon powah over, he should still beat me by a couple of days.

Don’t count out Allen with his seekrit stashes either. :wink:


You must monitor my output.

I am waiting on the caches to complete, Monday is a good day but you will have overtaken me by then and outstripping me by over 600 woots a day.

Mulda’s gonna hit the big 100K.

Don’t look at me…I’m a turtle in a race of rabbits…slow but I get there…Heck I just passed Curly on Species Mapped now 7th… I’m only going until 100K anyway… at 400 per day it will take 25 more days…when will focus on something new …not sure yet what that will be but…hmmm maybe world troll counting…or is that a sport…