Racing like it's 1982! (^-^)

In the classic era it seemed normal to walk into an arcade and find a steering wheel attached to an arcade cabinet. Which treasured racing gaming experiences, cabinet, console or PC, can you recall from the pre Gran Turismo days?:trophy:

B&J Atari VCS

Bump N’ Jump Firebird

Namco Rally-X

Vigilante 8 2nd Offense

I can’t remember its name but it was a forward-scrolling top-down viewpoint arcade game cabinet we used to have in our local pub next to the garage I worked in, that you had to race at top speed because there were jumps along the way that you had to hit at full pelt or crash. There were stoppers in your way like slow-moving VW campers, bulldozers that if you hit either trashed you or slowed you down so far that you couldn’t make the next jump. Must have spent an absolute fortune on it during lunch hours. The other one was Track & Field which I used to play with the GM. He would do the jumps and I would frantically press the buttons that made your athlete run faster. Great fun :smiley: