Rack Mount Case's

So I am in the market for a 4u rack mount case to put my pc into, been waiting on the SilverStone RM42-502 being in stock at Scan but it never comes in.

So anyone else running their main rig in a rack mount case, any other recommendations for a case to go with / place to buy ?

If you just want a case… Rack Case Search Results | Box.co.uk

Do you need a rack to put it in ?
If so what are your acceptable threshholds for “Cobwebs” “Dust” and “used engine oil”

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I have bought quite a few things from Box.
They had Lenovo desktops for less money than Lenovo were selling them direct.

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Already got the rack :smiley: just the case

thanks for the link, i’ll have a scoot on there; and yes am still i the market :slight_smile:

Always keep an eye on the 'Box