RAM Prices

The ram i have in my computer i bought for 30 pound, Look on ebay now and its 70 :open_mouth: I think i will wait awhile till upgrading to 4GB. Also looking for ram for my dads computer and its so much now. He had to go for only 1GB ram as it was a budget computer.

Whats happened?

I’ve not kept up to date but assume it’s two contributing factors.

1: oversupply cycles. All the manufacturers have historically tried to out-manufacture the others in the hopes of driving them out of the business. So there were often periods of supply exceeding demand and causing prices to drop. I think they’re better at not doing this now as they all lose money when they do it.
2: The “current economic situation” is another way of saying the pound is worthless internationally at the moment, somewhere just above Zimbabwe and Iceland. Freshly imported stuff now generally costs more.