No this is disturbing. Received a letter today saying my computer has been infected with ransomware and that I have 48 hrs to send payment. Now the e-mail never actually never hit this comp since I use “Mailwasher Pro.” Now they said and sent from my account that I got it from a porn site.
I have never visited one. They included a password that they said I used. Now here is the scary part. That e-mail and password is real but it only been used for BOINC and their projects. . . nowhere else ever.
Now I run ESET SS and MBAM PRO. Nothing detected or blocked.
Well I do have a complete back-up of the system, but starting to wonder if BOINC has been compromised.
So opinions/thoughts?
Delete BOINC?
Know a good scanner that could detect other then what I’m using.

Oh one more thing I store no password on browsers.

I’ve had a few, it’s difficult to keep track of all the reported hacks - so just ensure you don’t use that combo anywhere that you give a shit about.


I’ve had the same, ignore it, its a scam.
Yes I think BOINC has been hacked, that was the password I got sent too.

Just ignore it.


Yep I came up with the same conclusion. I did unload the project, then went and changed all BOINC and Projects passwords to different ones. I’m just about to reinstall the project now that I’m feeling more confident about the issue.