Rationalizing why my computer is on 24/7 running SETI

My browser here at work choked on this link 7/10 times but Goggle it as “Odd blackhole defies explaination” and take a read. This stuff is so damn fascinating to me I have no question why I SETI when I read these things… Awesome. There is so much out there.

Black Hole


That’s beautiful Ares. Its for this reason I’ll be partly crunching Astropulse as well as SETI when it comes available on BOINC

Yep, nice to have a choice and the credit is all cobblestones.

It will be nice to be able to do a few different things and still give TPR all the credit. Now how about LM BOINC :nod:

Definitely, I think we’ll be spoilt for choice once things get going :slight_smile: