Re: Lifemapper News

Bob_A_Job sends his apologies regarding the Lifemapper News.
He’s currently having a few RL problems and has relativley no internet connection, apart from his work pc :frowning:

He hopes to be back up and running as soon as possible and again apologise’s for the lack of stats/news :slight_smile:

personal note:
@Bob_A_Job…if you can get the net connection up long enough to read this, dont worry about it mate,and i hope your back with us soon.
You do an excellent job on the news and i hope that i’ll be reading it again in the very near future :slight_smile:

Real Life always comes first.

Hope your problems are resolved soon, Bob. Until then, we will survive (although we will miss your wit :slight_smile: )

Ditto - tell him to sort RL first.

Always takes priority.

No problem at all, I hope you are OK and are sorted soon m8.

:withstup: :ditto-what-he-said-smilie:


:withstup: :amstupid:

Hope it gets sorted.