RE: Niece

Still time will tell…
other then that. operations done…
and we wait.

Best of luck on your niece’s recovery Heidi! :nod:

Best wishes for her recovery.

Thoughts with you.

Thanks all.
I have to admit that little girl has an incredible spirit…
She is so ready to get better so she can give her little brother a hard time.
What ever happens though… She is one that will adapt and make life the best one can. She is a very strong little girl.
I have told her about everyone here sending thoughts for her, she told me to thank you and that one day she will come in and say hi to everyone…
I told her that there is some cute guys in here… that got her smiling…

Wait and see all the tarts comming out the woodwork :wink:

With her being strong that will help her recovery wishing her well in her recovery send her a big hug from me and tell her dont give up keep fighting no matter how hard it gets.

I new a girl that broke her back in a motorbike accident she got told she might not be able to walk again but she had that much determination in her and she was stubborn she said she would not spend her life in a wheelchair after a long time with the physio she can now walk determination is an amasing thing she sounds like a strong minded person and if she keeps this up there will be no stopping her.

Tell her to keep that smile on her face and it wont seem so bad she has a good family around her and that will help her big style.

Remember you take care of you aswell if you are strong too she will pick up on this and that will keep her strong :smiley:

Helen xx