rearranging a formula

I have a formula inuse in some code i have written (the code not the formula)
now i need to rearrange the formula to give a differant outcome but my efforts are producing the wrong results.

the formula is

T = (10+(350/Percentsqrt((1000000+SD5000)/speed)))/86400

I need to rearrange for SD so

SD = something on this side

it seems to be the sqrt were i am falling down.

Anyone have there maths head on today?

Dr Z

Errr!! Nope!! Not sure what it relates to. Any more info you can give at all?

well it is the flight time formula for ogame,

T = (10+(350/Percentsqrt((1000000+SD5000)/speed)))/86400

T = time (flight)

Percent, SD and speed are read in each time the formula is run

Percent = the percentage the ships travel at
SD = slot differance (this formula is for tavelling inside a solarsystem)
speed = the speed of the slowest ship
/86400 turns the result to that point into a time, were 1 is a day 0.5 is 12hrs etc.

i need to be able to feed the time in that format in to come back and give me the slots that can be travelled

T = (10+(350/Percent*sqrt((1000000+SD*5000)/speed)))/86400
T*86400 = 10+350/Percent*sqrt((1000000+SD*5000)/speed)
T*86400 - 10 = 350/Percent*sqrt((1000000+SD*5000)/speed)
Percent*sqrt((1000000+SD*5000)/speed) = 350/(T*86400 - 10)
sqrt((1000000+SD*5000)/speed) = 350/((T*86400 - 10)*Percent)
(1000000+SD*5000)/speed = (350/((T*86400 - 10)*Percent))**2
1000000+SD*5000 = (350/((T*86400 - 10)*Percent))**2 * speed
1000000+SD = (350/((T*86400 - 10)*Percent))**2 * speed / 5000
and finally:
SD = (350/((T*86400 - 10)*Percent))**2 * speed / 5000 - 1000000

One step at a time and don’t panic…
This assumes you have the ** operator to raise to a power
You could make your life easier with one or two intermediate variables, something like

X = 350/((T*86400 - 10)*Percent)
SD = X * X  * speed / 5000 - 1000000

Thank you Michael
For some reason it gives me the wrong result but what was then needed was to replace the - 1000000 with /2 and it works, very strange.

I have two more formulas (one for travelling between solar systems, one for between galaxys) but if i follow your steps on this one hopefully i can work it out.