Red-faced man in skirt freed from clothes bin

Sunday December 26, 02:02 AM

Red-faced man in skirt freed from clothes bin

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A red-faced man wearing a mini-skirt has been rescued by police after he became wedged head-first in a clothing donation bin in an act of Christmas charity gone wrong.

Police said on Sunday that a startled member of the public had alerted them after seeing what they first thought was a woman trapped in the charity clothing bin late on Christmas Day.

Two patrol officers were unable to dislodge the man and a rescue squad was called. The unidentified 35-year-old man was eventually freed early on Sunday and told police he was donating clothes when he became stuck.

“I guess that’s his own prerogative why he was wearing a skirt, it’s not really an offence” a police spokeswoman said.

No charges had been laid, she said

i have a feeling it may have been my cousin…

err … because you’ll fit right in :confused:

:lol: :lol:

aparently not. his wife maintains he was to drunk to get into her knickers, let alone her skirt (sorry Andrew) :wink: NOT!