Refresh that browser cache ;)

The christmas decs were taken down on time (so I’m told) :shrug: but some browsers may still be showing the cached image.


All gone here, but still showing the ones in the house. Will be taken down tomorrow. Always a sad time, when the decs come down :frowning:

Same here Droid. I have actually been meaning to do mine all week but lack of sleep has had me doing virtually nothing :lol:

I must be getting old, as I used to hate taking them down too but now I just want back to normal for another 11 months :nod:

Was quite funny at work, Helen piped up that the decorations & tree needed taking down
and then realised along with a few others in the office that there were no decorations up :chuckle:

Took me 10 mins at launch time Friday to dismantle Xmas :chuckle: not spotted until late afternoon that it had all gone :smiley:

Not refreshing my cache - I’m leaving the TPR decorations up :slight_smile:

Should I have left our decorations up for Thursday Martin? :smiley:

Nah - just prefer the forum title snowy