removed threads showing

hi oh admins who we really should adore lol

this has happened a few times and im wondering why… if you admins delete a thread or hide it from us mear mortals, it still shows as the most recently viewed thread well untill someone posts a new thread or a reply to an exsiting thread.

any ideas why?

i can post a screenshot if needed


This has been noted and think it’s a vb software error that DT is looking in to.


we spotted this and probably because of the same post in Wattos shop.

Has been reported :slight_smile:


yup I was wondering weather it was just me or not been going on for about 2weeks now :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: fank you admins and mod;s :slight_smile:

it’s a moved thread to be precise, one where it has been moved to the temple for discussion.


3.5.4 upgrade completed. It may be template driven, so please do not panic if the forums change style a bit this afternoon.