Removing GRUB

This PC I have at home has Windows XP and did have a linux distro on.

Unfortunatly, it wasn’t removed properly and now the MBR wants to boot GRUB on loading giving a GRUB 22 error because it’s not there.

How can I fix the MBR so it will allow me back into windows? I have no access to any OS on that machine…it wont let me boot into one.

How can I sort it? Can I do it through a Knoppix live CD?

Sacreledge! :lol:

Try putting the XP CD in it and boot to a recovery prompt and run fixmbr.exe. Not sure if XP has it but every other gates-o-matic OS does.

fdisk /mbr will do it, got a win9x boot floppy/cd lying around?

Yeah this works, i’ve done it myself.


No I dont have an XP disk here or a floppy

Looks like a harder version is needed:p

EDIT: Gotta run windows to access the wireless network…to much like hardwork to get Linux to access it here :frowning:

If you have got CD burning facilities, download Universal boot CD from
this has the tools you need .

Managed it the very hard way…
Used the recovery CD.
it booted up the windows installer and launched STRAIGHT into a reformat…:eek:

Bloody lucky I dont have anything I need on here before I did it…