Renice processes

Is there a way to permanently renice the seti client other than using top thru su, that is every time a seti client starts a new wu. I noticed if I renice the client is comes up with running high priority.

Cheers Tony.

You could try starting it under nice in the first place

nice -5 /home/agd/seti/

How do you start up the seti client?
I stopped doing Seti at five years with about 50 years CPU total so this is all a bit of an unknown to me.

I can’t remember the nix seti stuff either, but maybe you could cron a script to do a
ps -ef | grep seti

then take the PID and renice it ?

in a one liner

renice -5 pgrep setiprog

Replace setiprog with whatever the process name is in top or the first 15 characters if its really long.