Replacement Number Plates

Just had my MOT and it’s passed on the requirement that I get a replacement front number plate and 3 new tyres (ouch). Is there anywhere that’s recommended to get a new plate? TIA!

Halfords for number plates, wherever you go though make sure you remember to take as much documentation with you to show it is your car.


Jeez you got to have them made? We get the prisoners in the jails to do that here! :lol:

Yes and we have to pay for the privilege!! Before that though, you have to prove who you are and that you are the owner of the car, by bringing a drivers licence, passport, utility bill, log book (pink slip to you Major),etc, etc.

Don’t they trust us? :smiley:

is the car yours?
NO im F’ing paying £xxx.xx Just for the fun of it!

[actually my brother inlaw had to do this once… while his Car was outside, he had the keys in his hand turning the alarm on and off through the window] and they still wasn’t sure… so he went inside the car, got a birth certificut, ‘which was actually his brothers and got nothing to do with the car’, and they let him have it…]

dont ask me why… they are all silly

ebay, you can get them made to your spec, cheap and no regs to follow or docs to produce!

We have a machine that prints them via a program that records the customers name and personal details, licence number, address, date of birth…or I can just go into Corel Draw on the same machine and print it myself if I can’t be @rsed. :smiley: