Rosetta - Big jump...good job Placid and Fiend

Well, I know is was a bummer to see a certain other project hit the end of its run…but that loss is Rosetta’s gain.

Between my jump in output (trying to make it a bit harder for PlacidSheep to take the top daily production slot), Placid jumping in and putting the pedal to the floor and TheFiend sparking up again, we’ve more than doubled our team output on Rosetta.

Good job all :slight_smile: :cool:

Nice going guys. And another project is benefitting from Docking’s loss :). Cheers for the heads-up Saint :thumbsup:

I’m concentrating on SIMAP as that project is ending this year but I have devoted 2 of my crunchers (4 cores being used) to Rosetta that will carry on contributing ~1.5K a day, and if SIMAP runs out of work Rosetta is set up as the backup project.

Nice going :slight_smile:

I did notice there was a slight increase in your output Saint :wink: It’s taking me some time to get to all my old machines to switch them over to Rosetta but once I do will have some nice numbers pumping out :slight_smile:

Once Fiend moves over fully too after Simap goes we should be sailing nicely :slight_smile:

I’ve set myself a target of making the top 500 at SIMAP before the end, which I think is achievable. Currently #957 and still rising and have an RAC in the top 60. Once I make the top 500 I’ll switch more effort over to Rosetta apart from one cruncher, which has problem running Rosetta due its’ limited memory size and that one will run Malariacontrol instead.

@PlacidSheep - Well, when I get my limited resources all pulling in the same direction (doesn’t happen often…it’s like herding cats) and some nice units from the source, I can get some good numbers. In this case, it just happened to come at the right time to push you a little.

I am due for an upgrade at work, so I might eke out some minor gains in the coming month or two…but otherwise WYSIWHG :slight_smile:

@Fiend - When you convert most of that 45 GHz of banana power to Rosetta, I’m sure you’ll show us how to do it and rock the team standings…I’m just hoping I can catch Petermeier before you do so I can say I’ve had both the top RAC and the top total credit on the team (not concurrently) at some point :wink: Rosetta has been a first for me having a “No. 1” at anything BOINC related.

It’s looking like SIMAP is rapidly running out of work this month as a result of announcing they are finishing… Mumps[MM] and his SETI.USA team look like they’ve hit it like they hit Docking!!! SIMAP is down to 10 days work left in this batch. And by the look of it SIMAP units will only be available in August, October and December. :frowning:

I’m off on holiday for 2 weeks on Monday so it looks like Rosetta will be getting more effort from me when I return…

Well, just returned from holiday just as SIMAP is running out of WU’s so it looks like my Rosetta throughput will rise again shortly.

After a few tweaks on the cruncher that was having problems running Rosetta I managed to get it running without Rosetta WU@s failing, so once I run out of SIMAP WU’s it’'ll be Rosetta as the main backup project.

Well, I’ve been informed I’m due for an upgrade at the office…don’t know that it will crunch units faster, but with more ram and hyperthreading, I should get a few more units in the same time period. I’ll keep ya posted :wink: