[Rosetta] Calling all tarts & slackers.

For TPR to get top 5 worldwide in the near future, we will need an increase in output. :Pimp: Rosetta has recently release the 5.07 Rosetta client which seems to have fix 99% of the stabilty issues, One nice thing about Rosetta is that even the units that do have errors get credit once a week added to your account. They have taken measures to eliminate the spinning CPU issue WUs by putting in an abort mechanism, so no more runaways and baby sitting you machine(s). :wink:

So get yer crunchers in here and let’s make the top 5! :nod:

Wikkid, I just “aquired” the following.

2 x 3.2 GHZ dual Xeons
1 x 3.2 GHZ quad Xeon

That’s 25.6 GHZ added to the fray. I should have another dual 3.2 online by the end of the week:nod:

ok… i have a rosetta thing going now on one of my machines… dont forget to fold :slight_smile:

on my main rig, only running Rosetta and Einstein at the moment…somehow I have an unlocked barton :wink: just sitting around waiting for me to get off my butt and load windows on it…that will help out a tad…

TPR is ranked 5th worldwide according to the “Top Teams” section on the Rosetta website.


FYI… Congrats to us! I guess my 21 points pushed us over the edge :wink:

That’s 5th in RAC but 6th in overall score.

Whats does RAC stand for (newb question!)?

RAC = Recent Average Credit, thats the average credits that the team is crunching a day

Thanks… well… at least we are close :slight_smile: