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About issues @ Rosetta


Thanks for the link, Maojc. I’ve encountered a number of long running Rosetta units lately, basically by noting on the project site that some of my computers weren’t reporting in. Would check on them and see 1% completed after 15+ hrs of work. I’ve killed all of them so far as some type of suspected abberent units.

After going through your linked discussion, I’m going to let one of them go, and see if it ever finishes and what type of credit gets associated with it. As I type I have a machine, working a FA_RLXub_hom008_… unit with 1% done after 15h35m, with a time to completion of 17h23m. Go figure.

Will post back if I figure anything out.:cool:

Checked it after about 11 hrs or so…

Still at 1% after 27:56:38. Estimated 29:37:41 to completion…

[Edited to add:] Oh. Just found this link/blog: http://www.romwnet.org/dasblogce/ Color me slow. So the 1% issue is something of a known bug, and the folks who managed to jump from 1% to 60% and then finish in the free-dc thread where experiencing… uh, I dunno.

Anyway, I’m gonna trash my 1% hangs.

Some have found if you stop and restart boinc the errors does clear.