Rosetta@Home (and BOINC) Newb

Ok. I loaded up the ol’ BOINC client on my machine here, and joined the Rosetta@Home project to help push TPR up to the top 5 WW. I have little experience with the BOINC and I have some questions. I’m not sure how the work units work… I had one download, the progress wen’t somthing like this:

0%-1%-15%-100% in around 5 hours

Now there are two other work units going and they have been sitting at 1% for some time. First question: Is this normal? Do wu’s jump around like this?

Second Question: Is it possible to only have one work unit running so the unit gets all the cpu?

Third (and final for now): The WU mentioned above (that jumped from 15% to 100%) completed and sat there for a while. It said somthing to the effect of “Waiting to report” though i’m not sure those were the correct words. I began to tinker with it and I clicked “Retry Communications” in BOINC and it sen’t. Is this Normal?

Thanks for any help and advice. I don’t have time at the moment to search FAQ’s and userguides for answers.


Update: Now one of the units jumped from 1% to 21.40% when I wen’t to change shirts… odd…

Nice going Fenix. I see your scores are pushing up the Team’s total nicely. Keep it up!! :thumbsup:

Yes… my 21 credits! woo-hoo…

how many to get to top 5?

and what of my questions?!

Right I can answer these two…

Right I assume you must have a dual core PC or at least a hyper threding PC then to have two running at once? I believe the consenus is that running HT is actually better for output…(Not to sure…I’m not an Intel chip runner…only Intel is my old P2 laptop)
but if you realy want it off…
In your account on Rosetta at home, goto General Preferences and select 1 in the

On multiprocessors, use at most processors
option :wink:

The other question. Yes it’s normal. (It says Ready to report) It’ll upload data to the server but the rest will wait on your PC until it’s time to connect again. This time is the size of your queue. Mines set to 3.5 days so results would sit on my machine really for 3.5 days if I was only running the one project on it (as soon as you get 2 or more, the scheduler can go a bit haywire…). You cant get any credit when it’s on youur PC…you have to have no units on your machine saying ready to report to get the credits if you folow…once it’s ready to report then reported…it’s creditted.

On my media player, it usually connects the every 3.5 downloads work and reports it but on my main rig I usually update the project manually using the Update button in the projects tab in the BOINC manager…


Thanks drezha!

It tried to download new work and the client reports “No new work from project”
I’m going to dock with another for now.

Sometime it’ll come up saying that but the server will have work, your client just doesn’t want any…

Oh… it wants it :slight_smile:

I added predictor as well. sticking with the biological science theme I have crunching now. I’m a patient man.

BTW… nice playlist… my girlfriend would be proud