[Rosetta] Housing and Food Services el STOMPIO!

Toast! :stomp::stomp::stomp::stomp::stomp:


Congraties to all the Rosetta team we are now number 8! :yippee:



Nice going team:thumbsup:

Well done everyone. Good scalp. Heap good medicine.

woot :slight_smile: nice going people… now lets get a few positions :slight_smile:


Well done everyone! Not long to #7 and then #6 too:cool:

:funknana: :nanasplit: :funknana: :nanasplit: :funknana:

Yeeeehhaaaarrrrrr!!! Well done everyone :stomp:

wohoho EL STOMPIO O O O O O OO o o o o o :smiley:

hey, don’t forget my H U G E 32.23 contribution! :wink: hehe