rosetta stats?

any more Rosetta stats? just curious…could try to lend a hand, if told what i needed to do

My bad. :frowning:

Been having work issues and just did not feel up to it m8. Will try and get something together soon. Weekends have been kinda fraught lately. :sigh:

If you need any help for the simap stats Droid let me know :smiley:

if u can give me a quick one two on what needs doing ill do it daily :smiley:

It’s a case of copying the data from the SIMAP and Rosetta sites, saving it out as a .csv file, pasting that data into an Excel spreadsheet and using the results to create the tables and the text. It’s a work in progress but some has been automated. Drezha has been using it to do the Predictor stats and seemed to get on OK after a short while. You’ll need the last file in order to pick out the changes. I can mail it to you, so you can peruse it m8. Let me know.

yer thats cool :smiley:

if u wana mail it to me

davidwilliams174 (at) hotmail (dot) com

“You have mail” :smiley:

Let me know how you get on.

Denied :frowning:

no mail…

ill pm ya :smiley:

Just in case anyone is interested, I’ve posted the Excel spreadsheet on my space for you to download and play with if you want. The instructions for using it are on the Main page. Some of it is automated with embedded macros, but most is sorted by IF and ISERROR formulas, using bits from Balrog’s superb multi-project sheet.

It is a work-in-progress, so if anyone has something to add to it to automate it further, make the changes and post your version for the rest of us to play with

The Excel sheet (about 660k)

The zipped sheet and text file (about 155k)

Any problems let me know

one of these days I’ll get the stattomatic working cross project as well for those interested, if only there were more hours in the day :frowning:


Yeah, sorry…kinda been busy and no web access at home means no predictor stats either. :frowning: (Uni dont like macro’s)

Thanks for all the effort. I know it’s complicated and takes time to prepare. Keep cool everyone. :slight_smile: