Rubik Cube (Extreme)

Requires Dot Net framework

But will confuse your poor old/young minds alike

Well it did for me :confused:

Not an ordinary Rubik Cube but a 5-dimensional one :eek:



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The picture on the download page is bad enough! 3D = bad. 4D = WTF. 5D = OMG!

It wont run on either of my Win2k boxes I tried it on, complaining about IsWoW64 something-or-other. Both have dotnet installed.

If you click around a bit, there is a linux version of a 4D one. That’s still more than enouh for me…

Beautiful! This is not easy, even for a crystallographer! (No, I haven’t even begun to solve it yet.) To start visualising the whole thing, you can activate one control at a time. Each rotation is 90 degrees, so you get back to the original state after four of the same rotation.

Note also the the Options -> Solve menu item which gives you an nice animation of the solution to a scrambled configuration.

The gravity program looks interesting too. Good find.

Too much for my little brain. :smiley: Nice find PMM!! :thumbsup:

OMG even the orig one did my nut in i ended up pulling the stickers off and resticking them when i got to the point of throwing the darn thing out the window i aint even going to try that one the pic made my eyes go funny

/me wonders what it would look like when you are drunk :stuck_out_tongue:

It was far easier to remove one of the edge pieces / dismantal and reassemble :wink:

My mum has a bit of paper with a rule to follow for completing the orginal one (She too brainy for her own good) :chuckle:

I’m sad. I can still do the original.

Me too, and quicker than those thickos up there ^^^^ could do it with their cheating methods :wink:

I had a mate that could do the original in about 30 seconds, I could never get the hang of it :frowning:

mind you, I had a much better success rate with women, flick - twist - gentle squeeze - rotate - gotcha !! … :smiley:

i can describe rubix cubes in one word: evil!

I used to be able to do it in under 1min easily, best was around 30 seconds, but hey, what else was there to do on the printer support desk where me and Mulda worked other than talk to users (or watch DVD’s on a sat/sun all day on the big screen + projector! ‘Can you hold the line a moment please while i check you details sir…’ whilst putting on hold for 5 minutes and catching up on the plot of the movie) and all they did was whine and moan!!