Ruby MOT amusement

Advisory Item 003
Engine Noisy

That’ll be the aircon compressor that I’ve not removed from the belt yet, as it got a little submerged in sandy water … remove the belt for a few seconds and the engine sounds sweet.

I think this is my all time favourite though

Advisory Item 004
Underside of vehicle in very muddy condition

And, yes, she did fail :lol: Two years ago this garage advised the front suspension arm, last year a different garage didn’t even list it as an advisory, this year back to the garage and they fail it on the front suspension arm excessive play. Going into the garage tomorrow, I’ve had a go and no way is that bolt coming undone to replace the pin and bush without gas assistance :lol: The other things on advisories were on the list of known things to fix one day, front flexi pipe in poor condition for instance, but no holes - the front undertray doesn’t come back far enough to protect that bit when I’m bouncing her over obstacles that the ground clearance means I need to do with “drive like stole it” approach :slight_smile:


The last 2 MOT’s on me 944 the inspector has put down a failure on the rear fog lights and the tell-tale on the rear fog light switch… For some stupid reason Porsche decided that for the rear fog-lights to work we must first switch on the front ones…

For the next test I’ll have to put a post-it note on the steering wheel to tell them how it works.

The foglight thing is just a German obsession.

The Galaxy has a combined switch derived from VAG switch gear where you have to pull the switch out two clicks to get the rear foglight to come on and it goes off when you turn the sidelights off.
This is to counter the half-wits who turn their foglights on in when visibility reaches about Autumn mist and leave them on.

I have a nagging recollection that the foglight can only come on when the side lights are on anyway so maybe having the front fogs on first enables them to come on.
Some obscure construction and use regulations.

DT : I did the Yaris wishbones the other day, they put up a struggle but a three foot breaker bar sorted them out

can tell it put up a real fight, by the amount of wd40 residue on the surrounding bolt areas :lol: Looks odd having one new bit though, I might get the one for the other side done - it was an advisory but not enough to fail and warrant being changed by the garage, I have more time to consider the options :smiley: It’s been sprayed in preperation, but as Michael will probably be driving it more than me now off-road, I’m going for the leave it until he breaks it.

The camber and hill outside the house and lack of anywhere flat to do the work is the problem here, not sure Tesco would take too nicely to me using the carpark to do my repairs :smiley: