Run the SETI Classic bench mark recently ??

I got to thinking of old times when I was pleased as punch to roll out 16 classic WUs a day on my P4 3.066 HT and wondered how my most recent rig would do .
I dug out my old files and down loaded the TPR benchmark
at stock it took 1.0419 = about 23 a day per core ,so this rig alone would have produced more than double the output of my farm at its peak during classic days.

You made me wonder too… ran it on my overclocked conroe, took 0.965 hours. I’m sure if the client was rewritten to make use of modern CPUs that would be a lot less. I seem to remember even at the time there were many complaints the client wasn’t nearly as efficient as it could be.

Hope you sent Mulda your score :wink:

TPR bench lives once more :slight_smile: Work unit from 2001

35.6mins 1 thread of a new I7-4790K @ 4Ghz

roughly = 40 per thread in 24hrs * 8 thread = about 320 per day in 2014 :slight_smile: