As I’m pretty lazy, my youngest and all his mates from school have started playing Runescape.

I have already offered a Runescape forum for them that we could put on here to get them crunching young :Pimp:

What kind of things (if anything), as a parent, do I need to be aware of with Runescape?


I seem to remember my brother playing it a good while back.

I think account stealing was rife - a lot of yournger players giving out details to other players.
There’s a pay element as well if I remember rightly but no idea how it’s implemented.

well having spoken to the majority of parents about the latest fad of gaming for the kids, they would much rather have a locked community for them rather than using facebook, twitter etc.

Another thing added to the todo list :lol:


What age range DT ? My son (8) was dabbling with a game last week that his mate was playing but it would be cool to point him at a game within a community I kind of know.

year 4-6 however old that is :lol:


oh god, I have trouble figuring that out too… I think year 1 is five years old so that would put that at age 9-11. I’ll sign him up for the game this weekend and see how he gets on, he does seem to just like killing things really, no strategy to him at all, just short term gain :smiley:

For membership, its about 5pound a month. after playing the free verison, alot of people want it.

Handing out account details. This happened to me and I lost alot of things ingame, didnt like it.

Playd for about a year but now if i log in, i just get bored.

does it follow the same as teh other online browser games, playable forever on free but things to make life easier if paid for ?


yea, the fiver, unlocks a few more skills, giving your character access to more trainable skills and areas makin travel faster, there are also about 100 member only quests, or at least there was the last time i played :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=DoubleTop;441792]does it follow the same as teh other online browser games, playable forever on free but things to make life easier if paid for ?


yeah. Its alot better so if your child saw someone else having it, im sure they would want it meaning you need to open your wallet :lol:. I had members for about half a year :frowning: Thats £30 :sigh:

Brenden 14 my son still plays it with buddies. During school year more then summer vacation time for sure. It’s like for us old timers a board game like RISK. It’s to see if you can beat your buddies up without hitting them hard in the arm, miss those days!

see here,


Signed my son up to it at the weekend, also myself so I could guide him… we both quite enjoyed it actually :slight_smile: Only downer is that seemingly the chat for him, because he is young, is tied down to “quick chat” fixed sentences… not sure if I can change that.

There are a couple of annoying things about it, trying to meet and find each other is quite a job for example but its fun and he’s now starting to be able to map read and use the compass and realising how the skills work :slight_smile:

Blast from the past! Played this game for ages, I found no issues at all for younger players pretty well moderated. Found it very tedious once you get to the higher levels on the skills. Used to log on for 5 hours chopping down trees! Them were the days…

hmm wonder if I can remember my user/pass, second thoughts best not I would probably be hooked again and getting in heap big trubble with her indoors lol

a year goes past :slight_smile:

I have to say that Runescape/Jagex do a fine job of moderating users for offensive language etc

There’s just enough to keep me playing, new things do appear which is good to prevent the mentioned boredom. It’s a very easy game to use to simply wind down for a few minutes, and yet can also be played with viguour when you want to achieve a certain goal. I still have no desire to try the paid for version though.

There are still a few issues with Java, a few crashes here and there, but you don’t really lose anything because of it. It hammers the CPU though :frowning:

Where has the last year gone? :cry: