Safari on Windows

For all you Mac fans on PC’s, Apple have released Safari for Windows.

I’m not sure whether I’ll try it but I’ll see. I prefer Opera but Firefox’s plugins mean it outstrips Opera in terms of usability and extras. It appears Safari cant offer this either.

Just hours after Apple Inc. released a Windows version of Safari on Monday, security researchers had uncovered more than half a dozen vulnerabilities in the browser beta, including at least three that could let attackers grab complete control of the PC. PC World’s Erik Larkin isn’t surprised that Safari would become a security risk. But Apple’s claims about the new browser’s security have touched a nerve with security researchers: Two of the researchers blamed Apple’s “false claims” about security and what they called its “hostile attitude” toward bug finders for the rush to dig up flaws.

First off the mark was David Maynor of Errata Security, who posted notice of a bug about two hours after Apple made Safari 3 available for Windows. By the end of the day, Maynor had racked up six bugs. Four could be exploited to crash the browser and/or PC in a denial of service; the other two, Maynor claimed, were remote execution vulnerabilities. Maynor, who clashed with Apple over a demonstration of a wireless hack on a MacBook at last summer’s Black Hat security conference, didn’t hesitate to take a shot at the Cupertino, Calif. company. “I can’t speak for anybody else, but the bugs found in the beta copy of Safari on Windows work on the production copy on OS X as well,” he said in a posting on the Errata site. “The exploit is robust mostly thanks to the lack of any kind of advanced security features in [Mac] OS X.”


I think I’ll give this a wide berth for now.

It’s not fully released, being a beta. You may wish to wait for final before giving judgement.

Personally, I never saw what this browser bought to the table that was any better than IE6 or FF, so I’ll be sticking to those two.

first thing I did on my macs, get rid of Safari and install Firefox


Well I posted about this on Hexus it really does seem a mixed bag from comments some having no issues and reportedly working quickly to others finding it slow and clunky.

Myself… It died a death, really struggled to load up its default site
I cannot enter a url as it won’t allow me access to the field and all the menu’s have no text what-so-ever so I’m clueless to whats what.

For me 0 out 10 :frowning:

Pic of mine totally up the kiber

Well —No Flash, JAVA is a joke, hmm while fast it locked up three times with Adobe Acrobat 7.X so I guess BETA is for sure on this one. Getting a 30% share of the Browser market is never going to happen. They would need to take over Firefox, Opera, and 10% of IE share to even have a chance. The only way I see that happening is OS sales on non-apple equipment. I know the IE developer group would love to be a profit center one day, all they are is a money drain on MS. I think browser wars are over, and if Apple thinks Safari is going to kill Firefox, Opera well try mighty Steve try…

Just thought I’d give this another whirl today and I must say, this is a much better product than when it was first realised.

Flash works fine as does java now. Sites are quick to load, bookmarks are nice. Downside is no bookmark syncing between PC’s (ala Foxmarks FF plugin), no ad blocking (ala Adblock plus) and the history feature is quite annoying.

Though for some reason it keeps dragging me off Firefox and back onto using it. Not sure why. I’ve even installed a Safari theme onto Firefox but it doesn’t feel “right” compared to Safari :s

I despise apple’s underhand ploy of trying to force out a safari “update” via their apple updater even though I’ve never installed it.

I would expect that kind of tactic from MS.

As such I’ll be boycotting all of apple’s products :slight_smile:

Yeah I read of that after I installed it. Considering my boycott of all apple products to this time (bar Safari) I’ve uninstalled it.

Besides, I’ve now found some very nice, dark themes for Firefox :slight_smile:

The guys at Mozilla aint happy about it either, for other reasons.


Saw there was an update waiting from apple via the wife’s Ipod thing a ma jig. Downloaded Safari and it set off all kinds of warnings with the antivirus software.

Promptly removed it.

and people think I’m odd not liking ipod’s…

I’m with Mozilla here for the herds of novices out there this is just wrong, its not an update, its a new release and to send it out via the patch mechanism (with download defaulted to yes) is completely wrong.

Firefox all the way here so Safari ain’t getting any room on my disks.

Well apart from them being over priced tat, a PITA to use and tied to use Windows/Mac and iTunes…

With Itunes, it doesn’t mean you have to purchase the songs. As long as you can get it in an mp3, wav or have the CD, you can get the song loaded into the Ipod. Have yet to run into an instance where the wife couldn’t find a song somewhere and get it into the Ipod. Have yet to pay for a song other than actually buying the CD if the wife really likes the songs on the album.

winamp works rather well with ipods now btw :wink:

I decided to give it a try, this Safari for windows thing, so after several attempts to install it, I didn’t do it through the apple updater cos it kept saying it was corrupt - anyway, it installed with it’s “Bonjour” sidekick and I set to exploring it.

Now I know one should give new things a bit of time to really see and experience the difference, sorry I lasted 5 minutes and I was missing all the glorious add-ons that I have in MY firefox setup!

At first glance it could be considered a well thought out browser, it doesn’t look that bad, provided you like the darkish tanned apple. I didn’t see any way to change the skins, not that I looked overly hard. Once I got the grip, or should that be, click, of tabs then the problem of opening neverending windows disappeared. I liked the idea of, what is again, private browsing, where it doesn’t show pages in the history or save any info, but does one really need it?

When I visited places like KISAF, my blog and of course TPR, in order to add content I straight away went looking for the firefox extension that does the things I was wanting to do.
Smiley Xtra, Scribefire etc.

I think I’m a

And if anyone could come up with the opposition as Safari, I’ll be doing this in in regards my rigs.