Safe Core Temp?

Just curious…
Running DC projects, as we all know can sometimes be stressful on a CPU.
What is a safe core temp.
At a 100% CPU usage for a sustained period I avg 54c and float between 53c - 56c on a AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core Processor
Is that safe? for long periods.

I would be happy with that. Cooler is always better, but I run around 56c almost all the time on my main system for programming, and related. The systems running F&H are around the same or less. I would look at the idle, and compare. If it’s a stock cooling fan, you may need to simply get an extra back exhaust fan to vent heat faster. Also remember that Hard drive, and video cause just as much heat issues, adding to the build up. I have two exhaust fans to vent the extra build up. Also during the heat of the summer make sure you have air moving around the case. The case can help cool down the air temp if a simple fan is moving air within the room. More air moving = cooler everything!

Well I appreciate the answer…
Even during most Hi-CPU usage such as video converting, editing, and creation, it stays most of the time below 50c, sits about 43c at idle. I guess am ok then. Have five fans in the box and try to keep the room at 24c because of the rest of the equipment can heat it up fast in here. I do keep ceiling fans moving air too. Even though I feel I know a lot about such, it seems these little matters that really are important seem to escape me. Guess that is why I always liked TPR. So much knowledge in here, and never have to wait long to get an answer.
Anyhow, thanks again. Makes me feel a better about seeing those temps.

To cut a long winded explination short, basically a CPU has a Thermal lifespan based on the graded silicon.

Overvolting & overclocking & extreme temperatures do indeed shorten the life, however even at the Temp extremes of there designed use the shortened life span is still longer than the life of the chip to keep up with M$ bloatware.

So just as an example say it had a life of 20 years you run the chip hot and fast you still have a chip thats got say 5 years life.

I can’t honestly say I’ve owned a computer thats of any use for more than 3 years.

Hope that sense :slight_smile:

/edit and if its an Intel chip there are safety guards to stop chip damage hense the throttle features built into the cpu, I’m too out dated with AMD to know if there are specific features but I have a 70% confidence they do have safety features on the Phenoms.

I can’t honestly say I’ve owned a computer thats of any use for more than 3 years.

Good point!
Can’t say I have either. Thanks for the info.
And yes they do have safety features also.