Samba Issues on DNS-323 NAS

…but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one!

My smb.conf can be found here @ Pastebin.

The problem I have is that I no longer have guest access. I want the chris folder to be private to me (which performs as it should - my housemate tries to access it and fails and I have seamless access as username and pass are same as my windows box)
However, he also cant access the root of the drive as a guest - it asks for username and password (we’re on the same workgroup).

Without the chris rule, he can access fine but he can access ALL the drive (including my folder).

Any ideas?
If I change to USER=SHARE (as by default it’s now USER), then the UNC paths can messed up - see here.

Only solution I see is making username and password account for housemate n NAS and allowing that access to all but the folder I want.
However, doing that, he was able to put in user name and password (I’m sure I matched his password and username fine). He was then able to browse the folder I let him access fine as RO (which at the end of the day as it’s my NAS, I only want him to have RO access, compared to my RW) but he could also browse the root of the drive (I left that as all can access) and then he could browse down into my folder. :frowning:

Any ideas?
Basic Dlink config tool

However, I can edit the smb.conf directly thanks to a software hack.