Samsung ML-1610

Just have to say that this printer is amazing for the price. I already had a HP Photosmart 7150 which was pretty useless for doing any work in quantity (poor build quality, paper jams… eats ink). For £50 I have a printer that chucks out a sheet from standby in about 4 seconds! The print quality is fine, obviously being 600dpi it’s not going to be good for graphics, but it’s main purpose is for text (letters etc). Seems pretty well built, informed that the toner cartridge will last for 2-3 refills, then throw the printer and buy another one :p.

Oh, and Ebuyer delivered ON TIME! Truly astounding.

Unreal - one sat in my bedroom that I’ve not got out the box yet !!! Reminds me that I should really take it round to the punters house soon … :chin:

Have to agree though, cracking mono laser, not sure if I would say it beats the HP LaserJet 1022 for the print quality though. The one advantage with the Samsung is the ability to refil the toner though, damn site cheaper than a new hp toner.


I sold one of these to a local company about a year ago and they use it more than the big but older HP just because its ready to rumble with a print request in a few seconds.

They are on about their fifth toner cartridge with no obvious signs of print quality deteriorating.

Ebuyer delivered on time ?
was it your order or somebody elses ?

Dont lose the driver disc though, had a lot of trouble finding the drivers on their website after the original disc was thrown out by mistake.

Got the HP PSC1600 printer/scanner and it’s awful :mad:
Everything as you describe…paper jams, misfeeds… Not sure iabout ink usuage yet…still on first cartridge.

Got the older ML-1510 here which was on offer at the time. I’m still on the original trial size toner. Debating if I should go for a colour one next…