Sandia’s Z machine exceeds two billion degrees Kelvin

Sandia’s Z machine has produced plasmas that exceed temperatures of 2 billion [RIGHT][/RIGHT]degrees Kelvin — hotter than the interiors of stars.
The unexpectedly hot output, if its cause were understood and harnessed, could eventually mean that smaller, less costly nuclear fusion plants would produce the same amount of energy as larger plants.


I thought that 2 billion degrees K was hard to visualize, then I got to the 20 million amps.

For only milliseconds tho, surley thermodynamics would preclude sustaining that temp.

i cant visualise those numbers, but the hi-res image is taking forever even on broadband!

Better talk to your ISP :stuck_out_tongue:
Cleared my catch and loaded in 3 seconds…
Or contact Sandia National Lab about a little energy boost… I hear they have a little amps to spare:D