Saturday 12th June, Castle Combe


Celebrating 30 years of the Golf with displays, trade stands and clubs, catering for VW and many other makes. The day is open to drivers of all cars, just £30 for 5 laps.

9am-5pm Admission - Adults £10, OAP £5

Be there, or be gay.

That’s the start of my holiday, so I might tag along for the look.

i was there last year for a mini show (stupid little toy cars) lol thr track is quite good though :slight_smile:

Me and the missus will be there.

Yup yup - ill be there in the pasanger seat of me mates Mk2 GTi Cabrio. Hope the weather stays hot for some roof down hair blowing action! :smiley:


Argh, looks lok I’m going to have to bow out of this one. :frowning:

But it is for a good reason, I shall be back off to Nice for 2 months back on the job (ooer) :slight_smile: