Save you effort...

…at the next Mojo’s…

I cut my hair:p
Not letting any of you tarts touch it:p

Very short now…:flip:

I do agree :smiley:

Show us the pics or we come armed with clippers :smiley:

And go for a grade 0 :smiley:

I already have clippers, they go less than zero… pics time :slight_smile:

In soviet russia my friend, your hair cuts YOU.

Excellent :smiley:

Now who’s got the gaffa tape :sneaky: :chuckle:

Peter probably. :wink:


No way of uploading the photo’s because I dont have a card reader on this PC :chuckle:

nice smilelies :smiley:

found a card reader lying around in Dad’s study…

Wow you did go short :lol:

I still think MOJO had better have the clippers handy, cause hair DOES grow back. Since the meet is just over a month away, it may be in need of a trim again by that time.

come to think of it if I show my face… my hair might need a trim around then :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Grade 0 do you bin?

cwor bit short that be hidds… whats the styles on offer :wink: I do have my good looks to look after !!

Grade 0 or Grade 1…take your pick :stuck_out_tongue:

um rain check I think

he picks grade one and oops it fell off so no choice but to rump it all off :stuck_out_tongue:

your chicken bin it wont take long to grow back if you dont like it :wink: