say hello to my friend haggis

my friend ross just joined. say hello gang

Hello there Dont let scottishbird see you she may want to eat you :stuck_out_tongue:

hi haggis wheres neeps and tatties :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the gang hope you like it here and just ignore andylamb i aint that hungry you dont need to run away screeming i dont bite often only sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

oh the comedy gold i could have with that comment my dear friend :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, back on topic… welcome Haggis to TPR… ‘THE team’ and home you can never escape :stuck_out_tongue:

Howdy :wave:

sorry he can’t post at the moment his computers acting up :frowning:
should be ready tommorrow though :slight_smile:

Hi there Ross…and before the other pimps get here take a look at the crunching section at the top of the forum. All and any spare cpu cycles gratefully accepted :smiley:

hay guys and gals,
cheers for letting me into your strange community.
i was warned.

hay hay… welcome :slight_smile:


:Pimp: well as your machine seems to be better now, time to get Folding@Home running :deal:


welcome to the house of fun hope your stay is a happy one :slight_smile:

nice to see you to see you…?



Ello! Welcome to the team!

:wavey: Hi Ross. Welcome to the team :yippee: