Scary Time

My sister called this morning to tell me that her husband killed a person yesterday. From what she was telling me, he is very lucky to be alive. For those that don’t know or remember, my brother-in-law works for the Minnesota State Patrol. Here is a link to the story in their local paper.


Round your area I guess?
You alright?

Happens a bit more regular now in the UK as well :frowning:

EDIT: Dammit I really should read it more closely Sorry :s

Scary stuff indeed P51! :eek:

I guess your brother-in-law is trained for these situations. Nonetheless, it must be quite a shock to the system to actually be confronted with the situation and have to put the training into practice.

Luckily where we live, it is very quiet. Not much more that a few teenage pranksters. The village is too small for serious stuff - everybody knows everybody else.

Everyone here is fine. We happen to live nearly 300 miles away from my sister and her family. Brother-in-law is quite shaken up about the whole incident. He was the only law enforcement officer at the time that could see the person. That person then shot at him hitting the dumpster that my Brother-in-law was using for cover. He then returned fire. From what my sister told me and what was in the paper, he was the only law enforcement officer to fire a shot.

At this time, they are still trying to figure out if it was my brother-in-law that killed him or if the person actually shot and killed himself.

I’m glad that your brother-in-law “came out” on top.

Hope your bro-in-law is ok, knowing some police officers from the US, he should be in good hands if he needs any type of support to see him through this ordeal.

This was in their paper today:

Preliminary autopsy results show an East Grand Forks man involved in a shootout with police Friday morning was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, East Grand Forks Police said late Saturday. The autopsy was performed at the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s office.