Scheduling folding

I want to set GPU folding to run when i’m not at home or at night, I think I should be able to manage this with a few batch files and windows scheduler, one batch file to start it and one to stop it perhaps.

Being thick but what command line can I issue to kill the client… or is there another way ?

That could be difficult. I’m using the Systray copy and I can’t think of a way to close it except for right clicking the systray icon and closing the program. Hmmmm…

Really ? blimey ! The only thing i’ve come across is a Mac app that starts and stops folding, google has yielded nothing else :frowning:

Roar of the graphics fan is too much for a PC in my living room, if it could clock in and out while i’m away from it I’d leave it going.

Could a bit of code be written ? Nudge’s the clever people

Wouldnt a batch file be able to sort the whole process ?

as in for it to start the app and then another to kill the process ? but then again wouldnt it all depend on how often it writes back to the hard drive ? and would u loose the unit if u just killed the process instead of closing it properly ?

I guess you might loose the work since the last save, but if you set the save gaps to be 5 minutes that wouldn’t be so bad.
Been a while since i’ve written a batch file :Plot:

There is a post hereabout two thirds the way down that may help , just change names as required .
Another here seems a little more complicated .

Good call, Mortlake! Here is an article explaining the TASKKILL command:

Ahh ha, a combination of that lot should do exactly what I want :slight_smile: Will report back when its working !

Oh good…would hate to think you’d need to leave your machines folding all the time (and blast by me again as a result :wink: )

I would leave it running but the noise is just too much, plus the machine plays HD content for me too and I have to exit FAH to do that… and then i forget to start it again, if it just started at midnight, stopped again for a break when I come down in the morning and then kicked in as I went to work that would be just right :cool:

Ment to set it up today but i’ve actually been working !

Well, in that case I expect you’ll pass me in short order :slight_smile: T’was nice to sneak ahead for a couple mins :smiley:

Well i hope you enjoyed it… i’ll be stepping past again soon :wink:

The view is nice…so I intend to stay here for now unless Step drops the hammer too. :slight_smile: