Scientists from Around the World Line Up to Join SETI@home's BOINC Family

August 24 , 2004:

On Tuesday, June 22, 2004, with little fanfare, the new BOINC-based version of SETI@home was released to the general public. As those of you who have been following our Updates know, BOINC stands for the “Berkeley Online Infrastructure for Network Computing.” Its purpose is to spread the credo of distributed computing beyond SETI@home, by making it easy for researchers in all fields to launch their own projects, and tap into the enormous computing capacity of personal computers around the world.

First in line of the BOINC projects is, of course, SETI@home itself, which serves as the model and prototype for the entire project. Over the next few months, the new BOINC-based SETI@home will run side by side with Classic SETI@home, and users can choose to run either one or the other. Once project director David Anderson and his team are confident that the new version can reliably take the load, Classic SETI@home will be turned off and BOINC-based SETI@home will continue on its own, searching for intelligent signals from the stars.

another BOINC Projects


the sixth Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction. In CASP, the amino acids sequences of unknown proteins are presented to different groups of researchers, challenging them to determine the actual structure of the protein in question. By next fall the results will be in, and it will be clear how effective predictor@home has been in sifting through the almost limitless possibilities and arriving at the protein’s true structure. Not only Brooks and his colleagues, but all of the BOINC universe, is eagerly awaiting the outcome.

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Sir Ulli

:cool: The more distributed computing that gets done for non-profit organisations the better :nod: :wink:

Boinc is starting to concern on a domination of the “dc-market” though. How long before the big companies try to jump on the software that has been created through opensource and use it to make money. It wont be long.