Been one of those weeks that I just want to scream at the top of my voice!

How can so much go freaking wrong. Needless to say I’m fighting anxiety, depression, and down right disappointment all at the same time. Yet somehow trying to continue to smile and have hope. No I we don’t need prayers or a pity party. Just want to find the end of the tunnel with some light shinning through.

good times and bad times all even out, and then you make the better times and the memory days all of your own accord.

Keep smiling :smiley:

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Should I ask what’s got you in this mood ?
Or have the planets aligned incorrectly and thrown you a curve ball ?

Happens to us all sometimes, but we all get through it.


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I agree, and I know they will.

My son screwed up and got himself in trouble right as things were getting ready to go his way. Long story and will take time later to explain. His life lesson being mom’s pain and anguish.