Screen Recommendations

After a trip to tesco today, stumbled across a few screens at Tesco that caught my eye and now I’m considering an upgrade. (Cheers to Damski for searching online to see if it was cheaper for me!)

One I saw was the HP w2207h 22" Widescreen. Anyhow, it looks nice and I can use it as HDTV later thanks to the HDMI input. The other one was a 24" Dell for £270.

However, can anyone recommend a different one? Around the same price?

The HP is great but watch the glare from the high gloss. BENQ and Viewsonic is what I have now in the office. Moved up from 17" LCD’s to 20.1" units and very happy with either brand. The BENQ seems to have better whites, and blacks for some reason is what I have found but that could be VIDEO related from cards (One DVI other VGA). I purchased one of the HP’s for our demo display for sales group. They haven’t complained about it as of yet (and they better not)!

Recently got a Samsung SM2232BW which I have found to be most agreeable :wink: Currently £190 in PCW but the T220 is supposed to be better and has recently taken a price dive to around £240 (was nearly £300 not too long since).

Saw one of those in Comet at the weekend Mulda. Wasn’ta actually impressed with it.

However there was a 22" Acer there that looked good and a good £60 cheaper than the HP one. Though it wasn’t showing as high detail stuff.

You reckon a shop would run something high graphics “needy” so I could get an idea of the screen? I mean the Hp caught my eye due to it playing EVE videos on that looked mint (and it was playing from a Dell XPS420, which is what I have ;))

Using 22" Acer LCd’s in work for a welcome display. Nice picture. Bought from PCWB for about £124+VAT as I recall. Found the link for a similar one.

That looks very similiar to the one I saw in comet Droid, if not the same and it was impressive. Just as good as the HP really.

We just added a Westinghouse L2210NW 22"
Good price, and has fast response time.