Screwing up lifemapping!

I think I will take a break from work in a little bit and go fishing…
Kind of like screwing up the lifemapping of fish… :confused:
Well I will throw them back

:withstup: , at least, the sea-fishing bit! I remember the captain of the boat coming over a few times, asking me to move, as he thought it was an unfair advantage to have me ground-baiting on only one side!! :mad: And just to take the total piss, he steered the boat to the harbour, got about 100 metres away from the dock, then turned back out to sea again, laughing at me the whole time, i swear, if i hadn’t been so weak from throwing up, i would have lamped him one!

Although i do like fresh-water fishing, very relaxing!

^^^^ well that makes 3 of us :xeye:

Probably the worst time of my life … and that incudes the time I was pi$$ed and danced with the mother-in-law :eek:

With you on the sea fishing bit, but you can’t beat trout fishing for relaxation…

:haha: :haha: :haha:

Yer in trouble again!!!

I used to love going mackerel fishing when on holiday in weymouth, off the back of the boat with those sort of crab lines that floated to the top when you caught something.

Never been too badly affected by sea sickness as a kiddie, not been on a boat for ages, so that’s probably changed now.