Seriously cool litle app

Ok after my £20 upgrade and load of Fedora 9 onto my laptop, I’ve been playing catchup with my old Vista desktop. Openoffice, Evolution etc takes care of the big things, Compiz provides more eye candy than Bill Gates or Steve Jobs could cope with, and a doozie of an interface to boot. Sound, wireless, multimedia pretty much installed themselves with a quick trip to RPMFusion, “Windows” networking all done via Samba, MP3 library imported to Rhythmbox, photo library in GThumb, pretty much there.

For a laugh I bought one of these £1.99 “smallest Bluetooth dongle in the world” things and whacked it into a spare USB port. Worked, Bluetooth icon in tray, scanned for peers, found my media centre and 'phone and was connected to the phone seconds later. OK so I can now swap files with others over Bluetooth, whoopie doo was never that fussed about Bluetooth on laptops, I have many ways of getting at the files, so OK it works but in all honesty nonplussed.

Then the phone beeped to say it needed charge, so I used my USB charger cable and plugged it into the laptop. +5V USB is the same on Linux and Vista :slight_smile:

And then a phone icon appeared in the tray. Clicked it and up came this really cool little app. After a few seconds configuration it connects to my phone via Bluetooth on demand, and sends and receives texts using the phone. A tiny little app but really useful, now I can be typing away on the laptop, get a text, pop-up window shows me the text and allows me to respond by framing a text on the laptop, sending the reply via Bluetooth to the phone which sends it in the normal way. No more messing about getting up to find the phone, poking away at the tiny keyboard, no predicitve text, no mucking about, no disruption of th task in progress. I’ve finally found a really good practical use for Bluetooth on a laptop :slight_smile:

Recommended to all those who have a Linux desktop or laptop somewhere, its part of the Gnome suite of apps and is called Phone Manager. Give it a try :thumbsup:

Sounds like a top little app to be honest! I would much prefer to use that than my QWERTY keyboard on the phone. Only trouble is, I don’t use bluetooth on my phone at all. USB cable does the job. However I may have a bash then.

OK Vista desktop replaced and indeed surpassed. I now have a functional free replacement for my Windows laptop. Added in task management via the Avant task manager (toolbar bottom centre), all laptop special keys bound to the logical equivalent Linux function, all power options configured and working. It really is a joy to use now and does all the things Linux “can’t” really well. No way would I go back to Vista now.