Seriously p!$${d off

Back in court for access today.

She didn’t turn up AGAIN - but managed to be in her doctors surgery claiming illness when the court phoned.

I’m now out of holiday so the next appearance in 2 weeks is unpaid leave. :mad:

This has gone on so long can someone remind me what i’m actually fighting for? :confused:

Your lawyer needs to start pressing the court for some action against her. This sounds like a real mess to me. She is going to drag out the ultimate end forever I guess. I am surprised the court is putting up with this game. It would never be put up with here and they would not be calling her to determine her whereabouts.

I’d have to agree with the major on this. If she repeatedly never showed up for court, I think they would have ruled in your favor a long time ago. At the least, she would have been held in contempt of court and spent a few nights in the slammer. She was warned about this the last time wasn’t she?

Good luck Radar…bad luck on the the fact that you need to take an unpaid holliday it does seem s***y,

and something should be done to her for continued no-shows to court :frowning:

Small claims court for loss of earnings due to wasted time :nod:

I’ll chat to my barrister friend later for you if I get the chance.


Its nothing to do with access Radar, its punishment.

Shes punishing you.

As binlala said Radar…

She needs a lesson :nod:

I hope that this next court appearance will be the last Radar, whether it be her finally showing up, or the court deciding without her present :agree:

Unfortunately, they tracked her down to the doctors surgery, so the ‘too ill to attend’ gambit worked. finding for me in her absence wont hold water here, and frankly i want to be exonerated properly and not by default. but the judges are getting more and more naffed off, and she is now on her 3rd barrister. also, the gaps between hearings are shortening from 4 months, 2 months, 1 month, 2 weeks. the pressure is on and she is cracking because of it.
@MC - please remove my name. we all know who i am but no-one here knows her. i want to prevent any accusations of slagging her off. she has already tried to use my conversation with Vortex over Dark Throne to prove my violent nature - stalking or what?
see what im up against?
oh, and hello stalker!

Hope you don’t mind me editing for you MC :slight_smile:

i really hope it all works out in the end. but the courts should really get tough on this its not on :frowning:
keep your head up though radar it will be worth it in the end :slight_smile:


but happy owl! :D:D:D

and here we go again. tomorrow we try third time for a final hearing. place your bets folks.

turns up 5:1
at doctors 3:1
totally AWOL 1:1
car wont start 10:1
dead mother 20:1
alien abduction 100:1

Hmmmm I’ll go for the big money winner

I’ll bet a matchstick on ‘Alien Abduction’ @ 100:1 deffo not the 5:1 option.

i’ll take £30 on alien abduction, failling that put it on the docs :smiley:

Seriously hope she does turn up this time for the judge to give her a stern talking to.
Good luck matey :slight_smile:

dead mother 20:1

is my bet…does she have a mother ?

Echo what preecey said she needs a good word of the judge…hope all goes in your favor mate :slight_smile:

unlucky on loosing the day of work…:frowning:

I’m having £20 on the 5:1 shot that she turns up :cool:

She will arrive arm in arm with her solicitor, who will gently assist her to her seat. There she will sit with a pleasant smile on her face, quietly nodding and smiling at those around her until … pppffffffttttthhhh she lets out an almighty fart … and deflates :eek:

The solicitor will then quickly fold her up, stuff her into his briefcase, and make a nervous retreat while muttering feeble excuses to the bench :lol: :lol:

$ 20 on car won’t start and it will be your fault for not paying her riddiculous sums of money!
The judge will then slap her with a comtempt of court order.

If she does not turn up again then surly the courts will nhave to do somthing??
and maybe if she is not adult enough to face up to whats needing to be done then why not try and fight for full custody becuse it seems like she is not adult enough to face up to the fight.