Services Offered

No idea whether to post this here or in Trade Post.

Well mostly due to exam stress and money problems I might stop crunching for a while. :frowning:

Well would people be willing to pay for crunching time on my machine? It won’t be on for much a day.

Some agreement could be made…base it on credit so any project can be crunched really…

(As an aside, if anyone wants to advertise on my website just send me a PM)

If not I guess I can crunch still but I’ll be behind as I estimate my PC will only be on for 3-4 hours a day… :frowning: Turning off overnight now as noise can wake me up and with A level exams coming up…well… :frowning: It’s not needed or wanted to be woken up.

you slacker :furious:

in all seriousness, RealLife comes first - get them results and then you earn more and then crunch more. s

If real worried send me or Mojo(I think) the MB/CPU/RAM and we’l crunch diskless for you part or full time as we have an ambulical cord to TPR :slight_smile:


cheers but no can do…

MB is only one I have and need it and rest of parts for college work…