Setback for SCO's Linux battle

At last someone came to their ceases :smiley:

I’m still following the SCO stories… just catching up on that one now. Always loads of info at

SCO - hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

“You can’t use that - we own it!”
“Sorry m8, own what?”
"Ermmm - not telling you :stuck_out_tongue: "

This only comes about because nobody uses SCO Unix any more becuase it was (a) expensive and (b) crap.

I hope IBM and Red Hat kick their butts all the way back to Santa Cruz :nod:

Wish is were true, m8, but alas, our systems are loaded with SCO before being sent out.

Wish I could change it, but that’s just not going to happen by my screaming. Our newest product is web-based and runs well on Windows, but for some reason our company has required Windows OS. Trying to convince them to rectify this as well.