Seti 403 errors

Since around 2300Z Seti has generated 403 errors for uploads. Seems these errors are at Berkeley not on your local machine.

Downloads are ok.

Your uploads will resume when the server side is fixed. Don’t abort your units and keep crunching!

A little worry though several crunchers report validate errors just before everything went 403. :xfinger:

Link to thread on Seti forum: here

Thanks for your post Nightlord. I noticed the symptom this morning,
but couldn’t find my way to the SETI forums for confirmation.

Been out for the weekend, just noticed too.
Seems someone wants to give you a hand to make sure I don’t get the stomp before you start pulling away again. I see you got the E6700 up. I got mine at 3.33GHz…:Poke:

BTW…I’m now rigt behind you in the world rankings :driving:


Oh yes, one box up and running. Working on the second right now :slight_smile:

The first box runs at 3.1GHz, limited by DDR533. Using Chicken’s app it reports at 3.4Ghz :confused:. I think a couple of sticks of DDR800 are called for :Plot:

It certainly flies through the units, at a 5:1 ratio compared to the Pentiums. So much cooler too…total power on full load 160Watts! My P4’s run 200W full load. These two boxes will allow me to take 5 P4’s off line, save a fortune on electricity and still increase the farm’s output :yippee:

/edit from Seti Home Page:

Looks like their trying to find the reset button right now…

Feel free to take more boxes offline anytime. :smiley: