Seti Boinc Down

trying to gt shot of 3 days of results, they dont seem to be going anywhere ?

im sending and recieving wu’s fine, the last credit i got was 22 Jan 2005 2:37:58 UTC… now ive got around 60 wu’s pending since. The site says the validator is running but it dont seem to be working.

seems ok now, dumped enough to secure a fresh scalp :slight_smile:

all the better cus they are members of ‘‘another team’’

Good Job :stomp:

Yelp, all seems fine here now too… at least for the time being lol :crash:

I spoke too soon…
looks like everything is kaput, :furious: even messgage boards give me “down for maintenance”

message boards are back up, but all the servers are down ~ 10am PST

Servers back running again ~ 10:15am PST

hopefully the reboot will get validation running better, seems backlogged pretty bad