SETI BOINC Flame - Sunday 27th February 2005

27th February 2005

SETI BOINC Flame - 27th February 2005

We are still at 12th position at this point, but due to the ongoing outages throughout this week again, the positions of everyone are a bit up and down at the moment.

New Recruits
A HUGE! :wavey: welcome goes out to M.D. Petermeier, who stomps the world and leaps into the Premier League with 139370 WUs.

None this week :slight_smile:

Those removing articles of clothing this week:

harry loses his foot-shackles on reaching 20000 cobblestones
Richard Ellis loses his handcuffs on reaching 30000 cobblestones
Peige loses the gag on reaching 60000 cobblestones
and Darin Billing loses his shirt on reaching 80000 cobblestones

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone. :funknana:

Position change from 19/02/2005 19:12 GMT to 26/02/2005 20:18 GMT

Staggered progress once again this week as crunchers are allowed spasmodically to send and receive WUs. There are more non-productives this week than last week as the outages take their toll on some members. M.D. Petermeier joining us has had a major effect on movement, and active stompage has been difficult to pick out, with stompers becoming stompees in the process and so showing no movement. Here are the stats:

Premier League (click to view)

BrianRivard moves up one place to number 9, stomping MAOJC who’s still off crunching other projects.
M.D. Petermeier joins us this week and leaps straight into 11th position in the Premiership. Welcome aboard m8. :nod:
Renata and Neal Chantrill are relegated to Division 1 :cry:

Division 1 (click to view)

No movement this week…but:
Islander stomps riddlermarc.
Darin Billing stomps the Stomping Boyos.

Division 2 (click to view)

MoreTorque moves up three places, is promoted :yippee: and comes to rest at the anchor position.

Razinhell & Steve Harthon both stomp R33.
Donna^^O^^Darko stomps Fatterbob.
Endre & Jim Wile both stomp Sark3k.

Division 3 (click to view)

HellOnIce moves up one place to number 8, stomping Victor Lawrence.
GAteKeeper moves up one place to number 11, stomping Tim Clarke.
Richard Ellis stomps Droid, but remains at the anchor position.

Division 4 (click to view)

No movement this week…but:
pong stomps Micro7.
Charlie1 stomps jalagon.
harry stomps The Goodies.

Division 5 (click to view)

No movement this week…but:
Tzal_Maweth stomps SJ761. stomps Kamiles.

Division 6 (click to view)

No movement this week…but:
Mike Killmeyer stomps Safire.
AquaZone2000 stomps tony.

Division 7 (click to view)

Andylamb moves up six places to grab the top spot away from d4y+im3.
FLH moves up three places, is promoted :yippee: & stops at number 14.

Division 8 (click to view)

No movement this week…but:
jason fisher stomps Rythim and Dancin.

Division 9 (click to view)

No movement this week…but:
pgresz stomps bgl2.

Division 10 (click to view)

No movement at all this week. :o

Conference League 1 (click to view)

NeoCow moves up four places to number 2, stomping Petegasman, riddlermarc (lil), Wellington Views & Aero.
pmurphy moves up two places to number 7, stomping Klumpen
& Wolf359.

A bit of a confusing picture, but well done to everyone for keeping the Team’s stats on the up and up. :nod: That’s all for this week. For full details check out the League Divisions Table 26/02/2005

Peige loses the gag on reaching 60000 cobblestones

:woot: i don’t know what to say :hehehmm:

Thanks for the news :smiley:

Thanks for the news! :cheers:

Ha ha great news thanks!

Top man Droid. Thanks for the news :thumbsup:

Thanks for the news Droid. :thumbsup:

Welcome aboard M.D. Petermeier, even if your joining did knock me down a peg. :nod:

Have a banana. :banana: :banana: :banana:

Congradulations on the milestones everyone. :yippee:

THanks for news but seems be just little off :stuck_out_tongue: as u have me at 57,674 and im actully sitting at Total credit 59,992.09
Recent average credit 403.87
at this moment just waiting for 8 more points till i can start screaming my lungs out . since il be minus a gag :slight_smile:

You’re probably correct Steve, but that was the position at that point on Saturday when I took the stats from They have been slow at updating. My stats are about 700 further on, due to a huge download from the backed up units, but this means that I should be better off next week :smiley: