SETI BOINC servers back up

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Well that wasn’t too bad.

Hey, in my defence, I never said they will stay up… :wink:

Wow - like you can see into the FUTURE man!!!

Well that WAS quick…

Credits seem to be flying out too… maybe it worked?

October 5, 2004
UPDATED: We successfully swapped our database hardware, giving the master database access to much faster disks. Within a couple hours weeks-old queues drained completely. We’re not completley done with the swap, but all parts of the BOINC system are back up and running full blast.

Reading between the lines, it appears the transitioner has cleared its backlog, and so the validator has (a) more to go at and (b) more resources to go at it with.

Now that is some good work by borkley for a change :thumbsup:

Bring it on Borkley, I have a stomp to finish :slight_smile:

Servers back up, but

Ready to send 24,968
In progress 986,976

they are running out of WUs

hope the other splitters will be back soon.

Sir Ulli

Just knew it was too good to be true. Still seems that the other BOINC projects are all pretty stable so at least we’ll have some work to do :slight_smile:

> Does that draining of the queues include the validator?

You’d think it would, but we’re finding that to be the only queue not draining. We’re looking into it now. This might just have to do with everything catching up so fast thus filling the validator queue (which is toward the end of the line).

  • Matt

Told ya! :wink:

:moon: come on big boy, 47k to the end of our race for me :slight_smile:

61k for me :confused:

Looks like I will be in Spain for the Finale

It’s looking better

Ready to send 54,120
In progress 1,129,682

As at now:

Can’t upload
Can’t contact a scheduler
Credits not moving
27000 units ready to send


IMHO They’ve either got a problem or they have knocked everything else off to see if the validator can cope on its own - 'cos if it can’t there’s no way it will ever keep up with all the other stuff running.

The only new problem I’ve seen on the SETI boards is units refusing to upload and being deleted - therefore 100% crunched for nothing, no science, no credit, no nothing. It may be related to this.

I would suggest nobody “harvests” units from their machines for a wee while…and if you’re really paranoid disable network access.