SETI Classic nearing end?

June 29, 2005 - 19:00 UTC
(SETI Tech info page)

One of our main priorities right now is ramping down all the remaining pieces of SETI classic and preparing for the final shutdown. This includes sending out a mass e-mail, converting all the cgi programs to prevent future editing (account updates, team creation, joining, etc.), and buffing up the BOINC servers as best we can before the dam breaks.

This was part of the (unsualy detailed) update today.

Okay now! Everyone hold their breath!

Hehe, I just noticed I started a post almost four months ago with the same heading… :dunce:

… and breathe … :chuckle:

Not to worry. At some point it will be true, and then you can thumb your nose at all those who said it would never end.

latest Info

December 15th is the current target date. Have a big outage soon for a big step in the master migration database, and then when we’re back up start sending out the mass e-mail saying it’s time to start moving over.

  • Matt

Sir Ulli

So I had better get a move on if I’m to catch Bilko once and for all then


just squeezed a few out :wink:

lost 850 tho somehow when setiQ decided every WU was ‘program modified’ and wouldnt send them :frowning:

oh well, into top 10 individual returners (albeit 850 short) and STOMP the wabbit :moon:


:eek: where did that come from !? How long have you been hanging on to that?

nice :bigdump: 'ing though… I might have to look at stopping Boinc and move everything back to Clasic for a while

Heh heh, this could be a fatch looksee:nod:

Excellent :bigdump: Dancin :smiley:

And gets a mention on The all-time :bigdump:list aswell

Think that warrants a Banana party down at Donna’s :smiley: