Seti/Predictor BOINC

I’ve assigned 20% to Predictor and 80% to Seti on all my machines running BOINC.

Purely because the Seti side of things seams a bit up-side-down at the moment and I wouldn’t want to waste any cycles.

Actually SETI Boinc is running fine with the exception that the credits aren’t being validated. Everything is being sent, recieved, and reported fine. So no worries except waiting on the mountain of credits to validate :stuck_out_tongue:

So in other words there are currently problems with it? Or is that normal?:wink:

:frowning: Yes, unfortunately they are having problems, since the weekend actually. but it won’t affect crunching or cause you not to lose credits. All the data is being sent, recieved and stored fine, you just wont get credits until the validator is back up and running (even if the deadline for the units you crunched passes you will be fine). Once they are uploaded and “returned” when you update you cant lose your credit, even if they are not validated.

So no worries unless something else pops a fuse :smiley:

:worm: other than the greater than usual checking of stats to see if the motherload of credits have began to pour in :stuck_out_tongue:

Boinc SETI
June 28, 2005
Outage Notice. We will be having an outage tomorrow for a database backup and UPS maintenance. This will start at 17:00 UTC and should last around 3 hours.

Hopefully during this today they will get everyhtring back online.