Seti Server Status

Please be aware of a current outage

Outage Notice
Today (Thursday) starting around 17:30 UTC we will have a short outage to back up and upgrade our database. The data servers and most web pages will be offline during this time. The outage lasts 3-4 hours, and then there is a long period of “catch up” afterwards as the servers are swamped with backlogged requests.


lol, a long period of “catch up”… we know how long these can take to smooth out :stuck_out_tongue:

yah seems take good 5 or 6 hr catch up for every hour system is down for :frowning: have feeling im going have a large que of files trying to upload tomorrow lol … ohh and rids watch out for my sneakers as they slip past u soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Grr, you’ve got a fair bit better RAC than me… how long does it take for an extra cruncher to make an impact on your RAC 'cause I just added an XP2000+ (thanks DT;))?

take little bit time ohhh and hope them sneaker marks wipe off ok :slight_smile: i tried not to ground them in to much as i sliped by :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t know abything about this till now and have just reported and downloaded 3 boxes of wu’s!! Guess they actually have things running a little better these days.
you know who to blame now if borkley goes to pot in the next few days :smiley:

Well, at least you warned me :slight_smile:
/pulls into nearest layby and cracks open flask of hot tea, a pack okeef these:

… and keeps an eye on the rearview mirror…